Environment Southland and Catchments Otago field meeting, January 2018

Environment Southland and Catchments Otago field meeting, January 2018

Visit Aims

To build relationships and connections between the organisations and identify opportunities to work together.

To develop a shared understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities for the Southland region.

To provide an overview of current (and past) research being undertaken in the region, as well as plans for new research.

To discuss research priorities and opportunities for future projects.

Supporting Documents

Itinerary & map: January 30/31, 2018

Notes post trip: Outcomes

Sir Alan Mark: newspaper article


Catchments Otago

Carolyn Burns Zoology - lakes

Cynthia Lawrence Botany - microbiology

Damien Mather Marketing - decision making

Gerry Closs Zoology - fish

Kath Dickinson Botany - alpine ecosystems

Rhonda Rosengren Pharmacy - chemical toxins

Alan Mark Botany - grasslands

Candace Martin Geology - environmental geochemistry

Mara Wolkenhauer Research & Enterprise Office

Peter Wigwam Information Science - spatial modelling

Sally Carson NZ Marine Studies Centre - Director

Fish and Game

Cohen Stewart

Te Ao Marama

Dean Whaanga and Eva Hendriks

Dean (Day 2 only), Eva (Day 1 only)

Guardians of Lakes Manapouri, Monowai and Te Anau & Waiau Working Party

Sue Bennett


Environment Southland

Graham Sevicke-Jones Director of Science and Information

Karen Wilson Senior Science Coordinator

Kevyn Roberts Environmental Scientist - Estuaries and Lakes

Nick Ward Freshwater and Marine Science Leader

Tim Ellis Soils and Water Team Leader

Nathan Cruickshank Senior Land Sustainability Officer

Roger Hodson Environmental Scientist - Surface Water Quality

David Collins Environmental Data Team Leader

Rachael Millar Science Manager

Richard Bowman Biosecurity Manager

Fiona Young Land and Water Services Manager (Day 2 only)

Lawrence Kees Environmental Scientist - Water Resources (Day 1 only)

Pat Hoffmann Environmental Education Officer