Upcoming Seminar - Wednesday 11 May

Agriculture and the Environment – NZ in 2016. Is it time for a “One World – One Health” approach

Alison Dewes

The Centre for Sustainability is pleased to host a seminar next month titled “Agriculture and the Environment – NZ in 2016” presented by Alison Dewes. A fourth generation dairy farmer and second generation veterinarian, Alison is a firm believer that our future food production systems have to be profitable and resilient while protecting and replenishing ecological health. She will discuss the need for a a paradigm shift from the current model to greater focus on wellbeing (one world: one health) where increasing production (output) and debt (stress) is replaced by increasing profit and wellbeing (resilience). 

Wednesday 11 May, 4-5pm; Centre for Sustainability Seminar Room, 563 Castle Street