Upcoming Seminar - Thursday 28 April

Use of freshwater planarians to evaluate toxic effects of pharmaceuticals and personal care products

Mei-Hui Li Environmental Ecology Lab / Environmental Toxicology Lab, Department of Geography, National Taiwan University.

Mei-Hui Li, a professor in the Department of Geography at National Taiwan University, is visiting our Department until 29 April. She is an environmental toxicologist by training, and most of her publications are in this area. Recently she changed her research focus from an organism level to the ecosystem level, and she is now especially interested in studying structure and function of freshwater ecosystems. If you'd like to have a chat with her before Thursday, please feel free to stop by in her office MG22 (Main Zoology Building, ground floor) or email her beforehand (meihuili@ntu.edu.tw) to arrange a time.

Thursday 28 April; 12-1pm; Marples seminar room, Main Zoology Building, 1st Floor, 340 Great King Street, Dunedin