Upper Clutha Lakes and Catchments Community Water Management Plan

Upper Clutha Lakes Trust (lead organisation) & Catchments Otago

Project duration: 2017-2022
FIF contribution: Up to $375,000

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This project will develop a community management plan for Lake Wanaka to ensure the lake is clean and accessible for future generations. There are particular concerns about lake snow in Lakes Wanaka and Hawea and the potential linkages with nutrient run-off and land use change.  The project is a partnership with the Regional and District Councils and Catchments Otago Research Theme based at the University of Otago. More information at Upper Clutha Lakes Trust

If we build it, will peripatus come? 

Catchments Otago (lead organisation) & Otago Museum

Project duration: 2018-2019
MBIE Participatory Science Platform (Otago): $20,000

Dunedin primary school students will assess urban green spaces for key peripatus habitat factors and overall invertebrate biodiversity. The children will identify habitat features that show the highest invertebrate biodiversity, create such habitats on their school grounds, and develop flyers on ‘creating invertebrate-friendly urban environments at home'. More information at Peripatus Schools