Water and Society Session

Hon David Parker

New Zealand Minister for the Environment

Restoring our freshwater and waterways

Brian Turner

Sam Mahon

Water and Biodiversity Session

Cr Gretchen Robertson

Deputy Chairperson, Otago Regional Council Councillor

Harnessing the Biodiversity Groundswell

Pat Garden

Chairperson, Otago Conservation Board

Building a sense of guardianship for biodiversity values on private land

Ali Meade

Biodiversity Programme Leader, Environment Southland Regional Council

The catchment jigsaw: fitting the pieces together to support water quality and biodiversity

Dr Gail T Tipa

Tipa and Associates

Collaboration - empowering or disempowering

Water and Health Session

Mark Bryan

Managing Director VetSouth

Animal health, water health, people health

Dr Olga Pantos

Senior Scientist, Institute of Environmental Science and Research

Microplastics in New Zealand’s ecosystems: the levels, the impacts and the potential solutions

Prof Michael Baker

University of Otago School of Public Health

Public health consequences of declining freshwater quality in NZ

Prof Jack Heinemann

University of Canterbury School of Biological Sciences

Jack title.jpg

Water and Movement Session

Dr Christian Zammit

NIWA Manager Hydrological Processes and Water Resources

Hydrological models to support policy planning and water resource management

Dr Jean-Luc Payan

Manager Natural Hazards, Otago Regional Council

ORC flood management in the Taieri and Clutha catchments