Hope Arm, Lake Manapouri from Mt Titiroa. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Winkworth

Catchments Otago Symposium

‘Water, Biodiversity, People’

Monday 9th April, 2018
St Margaret’s College, University of Otago, Dunedin

Symposium booklet available here.

Speaker's presentation slides (if used) are available here.

Riverscapes book available here. 

The University of Otago Research Theme Catchments Otago, a multi-disciplinary theme exploring approaches for sharing natural resources that consider environmental, social and economic outcomes, hosted a day long symposium focussing on Water & Biodiversity, Water & Society, Water & Health and Water & Movement. Speaker perspectives relating to the four themes were presented throughout the day, with fruitful discussions resulting.

The Organising Committee wishes to express their sincere thanks to all who attended and contributed to the discussions. 

Speakers were:

  • Hon David Parker, Attorney-General, Minister for Economic Development, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Minister for the Environment, Associate Minister of Finance

  • Michael Baker, Department of Public Health, University of Otago

  • Mark Bryan, Managing Director VetSouth

  • Pat Garden, Otago Conservation Board Chairperson

  • Olga Pantos, Institute of Environmental Science and Research

  • Gretchen Robertson, Otago Regional Council, Deputy Chair, Councillor

  • Jean-Luc Payan, Manager Natural Hazards, Otago Regional Council

  • Jack Heineman, School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury

  • Christian Zammit, Programme Leader Hydrological Processes and Water Resources NIWA

  • Ali Meade, Biodiversity Programme Leader, Environment Southland

  • Gail T Tipa, Tipa and Associates

  • Brian Turner, Author, Poet

  • Sam Mahon, Artist, Author, Activist